What Are The Best Adjustable Dumbbells? Today!

Definitive Guide for Finding Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Just like many others, you might also be sick of the promotions for specific sets of dumbbells as every promotion insists that their dumbbells are the best. Generally such promotions claim that they’ll make each and every dream of yours come true. Further, each manufacturer also claims that they are having the product of highest quality.

Number Photo Model Customer Reviews Weight Range Handle Rating
1 Bowflex SelectTech 552 Bowflex SelectTech 552 AMAZON Reviews 5 to 52.5 Rubber Ergonomic 5.0
1 Universal Power-Pack 445 Universal Power-Pak 445 AMAZON Reviews 4 to 45 Rubber 4.6
1 Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock AMAZON Reviews 5 to 70 Chrome 3.9

What is the reason to trust them?

best adjustable dumbbellsJust because they have received some high reviews as well as claim that they are the best?

Maybe, individuals must approach purchasing situation in some different manner.

Following several attempts as well as failures, I have acknowledged that few of the suggestions from these websites became unhelpful and inaccurate. I finally figured out that absolutely correct dumbbells for me would not be the correct match for some other person. Purchaser is the only person that matters and they should carry out their share of research so as to get the correct adjustable dumbbell that is the best match for them.

As per the personal research of my own, including the reviews from several customers, I came across 3 of my favourite dumbbells that are surely worth the cost:

  • Ironmaster 75lb Quick-Lock best price
  • Universal Power-Pak 445
  • Bowflex SelectTech 552 best price

Comparison of top three adjustable dumbbells:

For making the smartest decision, one requires weighing both the pros and cons of every product that one looks at. One must realize that they may not come across exactly what they want but several adjustable dumbbells are available with some highly effective and desirable attributes.

The product details for every favourite dumbbell of mine are listed below. These details also include their customer reviews, customer ratings, and Amazon price:

Reviews of best three adjustable dumbbells

Given below are the reviews of ours on top three adjustable dumbbells

#1 – Bowflex SelectTech 552:

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Bowflex SelectTech 552
Among the most attractive and interesting aspects of this dumbbell is its cost. The cost of Bowflex SelectTech is pretty much reasonable when compared to its other counterparts as per the product reviews and its capable of showing effective results for all kinds of weight trainers in spite of their experience level. This set of dumbbells is excellent for individuals who have just started with their process of toning muscles. With the help of these weights, you’ll be able to increase your weight by small increment levels when compared to weight increment by Weider dumbbell set. Given above are the primary reasons as to why I selected this dumbbell sets at best cost out of the three. The traits offered by this set are main key to weight training gradual increase. Individuals shouldn’t start with excessive weight for several reasons. The first is that your body would not be capable enough to handle extra weight lifting and you’ll wish avoiding muscle stress and injury. If you work with these dumbbells slowly, it will assist you in becoming more successful during every weight training session that you attend. For instance, it would not be a smart option to jump right to 25 pounds from 10 pounds because this can be excessive for muscles of yours to handle. Ensure that you are getting the best workout as well as outcomes by working in small increments.

There are few other advantages that are worth noting:

  1. Due to small increments in weight, there is increase in functionality
  2. Incredible time of only five to ten seconds for adjusting the 4 dial as well as setting new weight
  3. Nearly 15 to 30 seconds for adjusting set for entirely new workout
  4. This dumbbell set is having widest weight setting varieties thereby offering you extra opportunities for growing muscles.

Among the major drawbacks of this set of dumbbells is its size. Out of the three dumbbells, this is the bulkiest one having size of 15 x 8 x 9 inches.

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#2 – Universal Power-Pak 445:

Universal Power-Pack 445
Universal Power-Pak 445 adjustable dumbbell is the only dumbbell out of the 3 that comes with its own pedestal-free, space-saving weight stand. Just like Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, the weight adjustments in this product are provided using dial (with 5 pounds increment it ranges from 4 to 45). Unlike SelectTechs that need dial movement at both the ends of the dumbbell for selecting new weight, Universal Power-Pak dumbbells can easily be adjusted by making use of the dial provided at either ends. Several users appreciate the hexagonal shaped plates that keep this dumbbell away from rolling when placed on the floor. This is available at a reasonable cost of dollar 270 on Amazon and as per many users these dumbbells are less expensive as compared to the others like SelectTechs.

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The primary concerns that were voiced by several users are the same as the ones expressed concerning other models: few individuals find its 14-inch bar length somewhat awkward for specific exercises whereas others find its plates slipping on the bar to some extent while lifting. Users will find a workout guide that is included in addition to the set that comes with limited warranty of ten years.

As these dumbbells individually retail for approximately $1 per pound, people who are using any sort of adjustable dumbbells will definitely save money as well as great amount of space in home gym when compared to purchasing 30 dumbbells having different weights. When compared to maximum gym memberships, this adjustable dumbbell would pay for themselves in just six to nine months and they are constructed to last longer. Beginners and veteran weightlifters will see that these adjustable dumbbells like Universal Power-Pak, Power Block Classic, and Bowflex SelectTechs adjustable dumbbells are perfect equipment for enhancing your strength as well as maintaining the perfect sculpted look.

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#3 – Ironmaster 75 lb  Quick-Lock:

Ironmaster Adjustable DumbbellsThe third set of dumbbells on this list is the Ironmaster product. This product looks to be much sturdy out of the three options and this is noticeable by great feeling of balancing that can be because it is produced in USA.

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There are some other much desirable aspects of this dumbbell set that are given below-:

  1. They are having highly comfortable grip
  2. It is the most compact set out of the other 2 options as it is 14.5 inches in length
  3. This dumbbell set provides widest weight increments that range from 5 to 75 pounds thereby making it ideal for the users that wish intensifying their exercises in the near future.
  4. This product is popular for being excellent for press workouts

The drawback of this dumbbell is that it will take somewhat extra time to alter its weight settings. It can sometimes be frustrating if one plans doing different exercises like curls that demand quick change in weight. The second issue can be lack of locking mechanism for screen in pins. This can lead to safety concerns at the time of use as the plates can be much likely to fall off its bar. Only because they aren’t moving plates on this dumbbell it does not mean that it is a safer product. Little worry may arise when considering that pins aren’t present. By that being told, there haven’t been any injuries reported till this time.

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Finding best adjustable dumbbells:

Given below are just my own suggestions for these 3 adjustable dumbbell sets. One can decide which product out of the three they would prefer by using some of the criterions. It will be helpful to keep some ideas in mind when you’re searching for the best dumbbells. These include durability, size/dimensions, warranty, increments, price, weight settings, and packaging.

I try to concentrate on settings, weight increments, and price when I’m reading reviews given by other users.  Give more attention to the settings and weight increments of adjustable dumbbells because these would be vital aspects in longer run. Try not focussing on price much if the dumbbells fit your needs and body. For example, I feel that BowFlex dumbells will be the best because they allow much freedom to users when selecting the weight of every dumbbell. They have range of 5 to 52.5 pounds.

If you consider my suggestion then I’ll say that this particular range is perfect and it will allow for extended deal of improvement in muscles in process of becoming mean, lean, and fighting machine. Further, the 2.5 pounds increment of BowFlex offers gradual settings in weight and there are fifteen choices when compared to the other two dumbbell sets where there are 10 choices in one and 14 in the other.

Another vital concern is customer satisfaction irrespective of what one is buying. Amazon reviews will help purchasers to get better idea of the product quality so that one can make smartest choice. Make use of reviews given by other users as this will be advantageous in your case.

Simply don’t look to product ratings. Reviews speak much more of the traits and quality of the product as well as show that thought of customers will be beneficial for them who once were in buyer’s position. This being mentioned, it can be excessively time taking to go through each and every review.

Users, who fall short of time, look at highest rated reviews as their values can be highly beneficial. Suppose the product rating is five stars it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option to choose. For instance, Weider can appear to be best based on its ratings but it is not telling us the complete story.

The count of reviews and ratings will also be beneficial. Taking Weider as example, this product is having 100 percent five star ratings but if you read reviews closely there is just single user who has given the inputs. BowFlex and IronMaster are having 4.5 and 4.8 star ratings respectively.

As per the concepts mentioned above, BowFlex seems to be the least favoured dumbbell set but it is not true, considering that this particular product is having maximum reviews of all the 3 weight sets which is equal to 564 (78 for IronMaster and 1 for Weider).

Seeing to all this, which one will you buy? Would 560 reviews be more convincing to you or the single review? Have you finalized as to which is more credible? I will purchase the item that’s having maximum good ratings instead of highest average rating product.


I will prefer purchasing BowFlex SelectTech 552 as it has a long list of benefits and lacks drawbacks. High count of comments is fact and it’s hard to ignore the good signs for this dumbbell set. Great quality and excellent review of this product has convinced me that it is one of the best products and should be on the top choices of yours.

Other two products that are reviewed in this article are also fantastic as well as come with great values for the price.